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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Mailing Lists and News Groups

Is there a mailing list or a news group to discuss tgif or send bug reports?
Mailing lists:

  • If you are only interested in receiving releases/patches announcements from the author of tgif, please only subscribe to:

    To subscribe, simply send an empty e-mail (empty subject line) to:

    You will get a reply from the yahoogroups server in a few minutes confirming the subscription. Simply reply to the e-mail to confirm the subscription. The yahoogroup server will figure out what your e-mail address is.

    If you want to subscribe a different e-mail address, please send e-mail to me and I can login to the yahoogroups server and invite you to the list. You will get an e-mail which will give you a chance to deny the invitation. Do not reply to this e-mail if you wish to be on the list. Simply do nothing.

    Please note that this is a read-only group. Only the moderator (me) can post to this group. You don't need an Yahoo ID in order to subscribe.

  • There are also other related lists which I have created. The subscription procedures are very similar to the announcement group. These groups are: -- general discussion and add/remove features (post) -- how to do this and how to do that in tgif (post) -- bug reports / anything that looks like bugs (post) -- making source code changes to tgif (post)

    Anyone can post to these groups. To post, simply send e-mail to an e-mail address above (or click on a post link above). You don't need an Yahoo ID in order to post or subscribe.

  • The mailing list address mentioned in tgif-4.1.40 or before is being phased out. Thanks to Kragen Sitaker for donating time and space in maintaining the server all these years.

  • The mailing list address mentioned in tgif-3.0.18 or before became invalid when Monolith ( went out of business. Sorry about the inconvenience.

News Groups:

  • Sorry, but there's no known news groups!

Bug reports should be sent to