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William Chia-Wei Cheng
The copyright below applies to the free-of-charge distribution copies of tgif. (For the copyright information regarding the QPL releases of tgif, please see the corresponding copyright. Please send e-mail to tgif's author concerning other types of licenses.)
The Tgif Copyright

Copyright © 1990-2001, William Chia-Wei Cheng

William Cheng ("Author") grants to the party hereby receiving "tgif" ("Recipient") a non-exclusive, royalty-free license limited to use, copy, display, distribute without charging for a fee, and produce derivative works of "tgif" and its documentation for not-for-profit purpose, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies made of "tgif" and both the copyright notice and this license appear in supporting documentation, and that the name of Author not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to "tgif". All other rights (including, but not limited to, the right to sell "tgif", the right to sell or distribute derivative works of "tgif", the right to distribute "tgif" for a fee, and the right to include "tgif" or derivative works of "tgif" in a for-sale product or service) are reserved by the Author.

"Tgif" is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. Author does not and cannot warrant the performance of "tgif" or the results that may be obtained by its use or its fitness for any specific use by Recipient or any third party. In no event shall Author become liable to Recipient or any other party, for any loss or damages, consequential or otherwise, including but not limited to time, money, or goodwill, arising from use or possession, authorized or not, of "tgif" by Recipient or any other party.

Special Permissions to Commercial Linux OS Distributors
(This section is removed since vendors are encouraged to use QPL releases of tgif.)
Modified Dates for the Copyright Section of This Web Page
  • 04/14/1999 - new format for the tgif home page
  • 06/06/1999 - added the words "or service" in the Tgif Copyright section
  • 06/23/1999 - added the Special Permissions and the Modified Dates section
  • 01/19/2000 - change 1990-1999 to 1990-2000
  • 10/16/2001 - change 1990-2000 to 1990-2001 and add reference to the QPL copyright page
  • 10/21/2001 - updated the Special Permissions section