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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tools That Tgif Uses

Netpbm is a toolkit for conversion of images between a variety of different formats, as well as to allow a few basic image operations.

Tgif uses netpbm to import/export GIF files, generate trailing TIFF image for DOS/Windows EPS files, etc. Please see the IMPORT RASTER GRAPHICS and GENERATING MICROSOFT WINDOWS EPSI FILES sections of tgif's man pages.

The official release of netpbm is A copy of it is placed at

A modified version of it (known as netpbm-20may1999) is placed at Please see the README.20may1999 file in it regarding what's changed and how to install it.

Netpbm is again under development. It's official home page is now at

Pstoepsi is a shell script that can convert an arbitrary PostScript image to an encapsulated PostScript image with a bitmap, suitable for incorporation into FrameMaker, LaTeX, troff, etc.

Pstoepsi is similar to ps2epsi distributed with ghostscript. In some cases, pstoepsi does a little better than ps2epsi.

Tgif uses pstoepsi in the LaTeX Equation Package. If you are having problems with installing this package, please look at the FAQ on this topic.

A release can be found in either or However, if any of the above mentioned netpbm releases is used, all you need is a pstoepsi shell script with some modifications.

Pstoepsi requires ghostscript and netpbm.

Epstool - a utility to create or extract preview images in EPS files.
Aladdin Ghostscript interpreter/previewer.
The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software (source distribution is jpegsrc.*.tar.gz).

Tgif can use djpeg from the JPEG package to convert a JPEG file into a GIF file then use giftopnm and ppmtoxpm from the netpbm package to import it into tgif. Please see the IMPORT RASTER GRAPHICS section of tgif's man pages.

PNG Source Code and Libraries (please look for pnmtopng).

By default, tgif uses pnmtopng to convert a PPM file into a PNG file when exporting in the PNG format. To compile pnmtopng, you need netpbm, libpng, and zlib.

Starting from version 4.0, tgif uses gifsicle to import/export GIF animation files when the ExportXPixmapDeckToGIF() or the ImportGIFToXPixmapDeck() command is selected from the GIFAnimation SubMenu of tgif's File Menu.