Version 3.0 Patchlevel 18 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Tgif now has a mailing list maintained by Kragen. To subscribe to the mailing list, please send an empty message to

  2. Fix problems with shifted EPS images.

  3. Fix fractional line widths problems.

  4. Fix problems with exporting HTML files, getting binary data from FTP connections, and getting occasional crashes when you click on the pinned Color or Shape Menu.
Please note that there's not much difference between tgif-3.0.18 and tgif-3.0-p17. This release is basically tgif-3.0-p17 plus the unofficial patches (tgif-3.0-patch17x, tgif-3.0-patch17y, and tgif-3.0-patch17z) that has been around for a while. Therefore, tgif-3.0.18 should be just as stable as the previous release with all the patches applied. This will be the final regular release of version 3.x of tgif (unless something goes wrong).

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