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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - Goodies

Tgif goodies are available on The README file is here for easy access.

In additional, there are goodies contributed by users of tgif.

LaTeX Equations
One can paste in a LaTeX equation (or a table, or whatever) from one's LaTeX source file into an attribute of a LaTeX equation object. Then, with one click of a button, tgif will run LaTeX/dvips/pstoepsi and import a PostScript representation of the LaTeX equation and attach it to the equation symbol. Similar procedure can be used with other batch mode text formatting software such as psroff.

Starting from tgif-4.1.11, tgif is released with 3 LaTeX equation symbols that only require simple setup (pretty much just copying them into a library directory). You need to pick which one you want to use (this may be limited by what's installed on your machine). You should also open them with tgif to see how to use them.

If you have older version of tgif, there's a gzipped tar file (latex.tar.gz) containing an equation symbol file and a LaTeX template file.

Avery Labels
A collection of Avery Label symbol files. Please try them with the MergeWithTable() command from the Special Menu (available in version 2.16 patchlevel 1 and above).

Hyper-graphics instruction on how to use the labels. If you have gzip and have a 2.16-p9 or a later version of tgif, a gzipped version of the instruction is available at

Download gzipped Avery Labels tar file.

Generate NCSA Imagemap or CERN Clickable Image Files
An object file (tgif-im-demo.obj), if printed in the GIF format, can generate NCSA imagemap or CERN clickable image file.

How to construct the above tgif-im-demo.obj.

Spinning Globe
An object file (earth.obj) showing a spinning globe.
NASA's EOS Project Logo
An object file (eos.obj) showing EOS (NASA's Earth Observing System) project logo.
Flow-Chart Elements Collection
A collection of flow-chart element symbol files.

Download gzipped Flow-Chart Elements tar file.

Logic Gates
A collection of logic symbol files.

Download gzipped Logic Gates tar file.

Map of USA
An object file (usa.obj) showing the map of USA. The states can be ungrouped.

Tgif - Contributed Goodies

This section contains goodies contributed by users of tgif. If you'd like to contribute, please send e-mail to tgif's author with your contribution, along with a short description of it.
Navigation Arrows - contributed by Francis Ngoh <>
An object file (navigation_arrows.obj) with navigation arrows.
PressItTM template - contributed by Johan Vromans <>
An object file (PressIt.obj) to print CD labels on PressItTM label sheets. Page size is A4.