Generate NCSA Imagemap/CERN Clickable Image Files

This page describes steps to generate NCSA imagemap or CERN clickable image files from tgif.

Since the procedures for generating files in the above two formats are very similar, the discussion below will focus on generating NCSA imagemap files.


This feature is only available in tgif version 2.15 patchlevel 7 (tgif-2.15-p7) or above. You also must run tgif on a non-black and white display.

The Final Product:

Please try clicking on different places of the image below. Which page you visit next depends on where you click.

In order to achieve the above effect demostrated here, you need an imagemap file that looks like the following:

    default /tgif/imagemap/other.html
    poly /tgif/imagemap/triangle.html 3,131 67,195 131,131 3,131
    rect /tgif/imagemap/oval.html 67,67 195,131
    circle /tgif/imagemap/circle.html 35,99 67,99
    rect /tgif/imagemap/rectangle.html 51,11 147,59

The Steps:

William Chia-Wei Cheng (