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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Video Streaming

I noticed that there is a file called "stream.c" in the source distribution of tgif-4.x. Is that related to video streaming?
Absolutely! Tgif-4.x can actually view a live video stream in the server-push format. Please first setup your X resources for to handle images with more than 256 colors. Tgif will use the "JPEG-dither" import filter.

Let's do this with an example. There are two live video streams at the North Dakota State College of Science's Campus. To view the these video streams, do:

tgif ""

Pressing the <ESC> key stops the streaming.

The server-push format is like a MIME document with multipart/x-mixed-replace as the content type. It's a multipart document and each part can be of a different type. Tgif can only stream in the case where each part is of type image/jpeg.

Another example (which only works with tgif-4.0.4 or above) is Argonne National Lab's TelePresence Microscopy Site. To view this video stream (I have no idea what I'm looking at here), do:

tgif ""