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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Import Graphics Files with Too Many Colors

How can I import a scanned photograph that has more than 256 colors?
Tgif can only import GIF and XPM files. Both have a maximum of 256 colors. If you want to handle scanned photographs, one way is to scale the colors down. In my X defaults, I have:

Tgif.MaxImportFilters: 4
Tgif.ImportFilter0: GIF-dither gif giftopnm %s | ppmdither | ppmtoxpm
Tgif.ImportFilter1: GIF gif giftopnm %s | ppmquant 222 | ppmtoxpm
Tgif.ImportFilter2: JPEG-dither jpg;jpeg \n\
djpeg -gif %s | giftopnm | ppmdither | ppmtoxpm
Tgif.ImportFilter3: JPEG jpg;jpeg \n\
djpeg -gif -colors 222 %s | giftopnm | ppmtoxpm

When I select ImportOtherFiles() or BrowseOther() from the File Menu, I can choose from this list. Giftopnm, ppmdither, ppmtoxpm, and ppmquant are from the netpbm package and djpeg is from the jpeg package. You can find out about where to get them from tgif's home page.