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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - Version 4.2 Patchlevel 3 Release Notes

This patch is kind of large in size. Some new features were made available in this patch because it was difficult to take them out.
Version 4.2 Patchlevel 3 Added Features/Bug Fixes
  1. Fix a bug with pasting garbage characters from Windows under cygwin. This used to cause file corruption.

  2. Fix a bug with double-byte characters or international characters when eglibc is used. Thanks to Gunter Frenz <guefz at>, Hiroshi TSUTSUI <tsutsui at>, and Klaus Koepernik <K.Koepernik at> for pointing out the problem and Hiroshi TSUTSUI <tsutsui at> for the patch.

  3. Allow Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages to be set to "true" only if tgif is compiled with zlib support. Also, starting with this version, if one has a TrueColor display, Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages is set to "true" by default.

  4. Add support a new built-in double-byte input method, tgchgb, to support the input of gb2312 encoded simplified Chinese characters using a graphical zhu-yin-fu-hao keypad (would also accept pinyin directly). This input method is activated by typing <Cntrl><Space> when a double-byte chinese font is selected. On Windows systems, <Cntrl><Space> may be used by a Windows input method. If this is the case, one should type <Cntrl><Shift><Space> instead.

  5. Allow Flood Fill and Replace Color to use a threshold value. Add new X defaults, Tgif.EnableThresholdFloodReplaceColor and Tgif.FloodReplaceColorThreshold to set default values for this feature.

  6. Better support for transparent pixels for X11 pixmap objects.

  7. Add -D_NO_LOCALE_SUPPORT to CFLAGS in so that, by default, tgif will be compiled without locale support if the configure script is used to build tgif.

  8. Add a new X default, Tgif.NoOrientationIfPdfSetPageDevice, so that the "%%Orientation:" line is not used in the PostScript file if "setpagedevice" is active when exporting a PS/EPS/PDF file.

  9. Add "eq4-2x-nowin-jpg.sym" to be used instead of "eq4-2x-jpg.sym" to run silently (i.e., no popup window). This should get around the problem that on cygwin, sometimes a popup window will not close by itself.

  10. Add new X defaults, Tgif.PNGExportHasTransparentColor, Tgif.PNGExportTransparentColor, and Tgif.PpmToPngWithTransparentColor to suppor the generation of transparent PNG files.

  11. Add new X defaults, Tgif.UseStdPalette8, Tgif.UseStdPalette27, Tgif.UseStdPalette64, Tgif.UseStdPalette216/Tgif.UseMobileWebSafePalette, Tgif.UseOpenOfficeGalaxyPalette, and Tgif.UseOpenOfficeGooglePalette to use a standard 8-color, 27-color, 64-color, 216-color, 53-color, and 80-color palette as the startup colors for tgif. Also added Tgif.AdditionalColors to take effect if any of these X defaults are used.

  12. Add a new X default, Tgif.DefaultColor, so that the default tgif color can be specified using a color name.

  13. Obsolete the Tgif.DeleteCmdAsCut X default. Now Cntrl+x is bound to the Cut command. To delete something without cutting it into the cut buffer, one can use the <Delete> key on the keyboard or select Delete from the Edit Menu.

  14. Fix a license problem. The files, "nkf.c", "chinput.c", and "cli_xcin.c" do not have compatible license with the QPL license. Therefore, starting with this release, they will be removed (and replaced by empty files) from the QPL distribution of tgif (and -D_NO_NKF -D_NO_CHINPUT -D_NO_XCIN must be used in MISCDEFINES in Tgif.tmpl to avoid compiler errors). These files will only be available in the free-of-charge distribution of tgif. Thanks to Carlo U. Segre <segre at> for pointing out the problem.