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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - Version 4.1 Patchlevel 9 Release Notes

Version 4.1 Patchlevel 9 Added Features/Bug Fixes
  1. Fix a bug in handling the importing of PS files generated by xv. Thanks to Michal Bulik <> for pointing out the problem.

  2. Fix locale bugs. Thanks to Atsushi Shimizu <> for pointing out the problems.

  3. Fix a bug with "-print -gif". Thanks to David Richerby <> for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix a bug in printing/exporting condensed PS/EPS files when the drawing contains certain EPS files (such as the ones generated by Adobe Illustrator). Thanks to Ambrose Li <> for the patch.

  5. Fix a memory hogging bug when objects are moved. Thanks to Robert Schwebel <> for pointing out the problem and Jason White <> for looking into the problem.

  6. Fix a bug in the File Open dialogbox that if SetDir is pressed when something is selected, a bad directory name is used. Thanks to Andreas Scherbaum <> for pointing out the problem.

  7. Fix a bug so that the actual directory will be used when the user select "../" from a file dialogbox. Thanks to Andreas Scherbaum <> for pointing out the problem.

  8. Fix bugs with panning using <Cntrl><Shift><Btn2> and zooming using <Cntrl><Shift><Btn3>. Thanks to Kyle Bateman <> for pointing out the problems.

  9. When in the edit text mode, dragging <Cntrl><Btn2>, will now move the edit text (but not the object being edited). Thanks to Shinichiro Shiratake <> for pointing out the problem with editing text at the left or top edge of the paper.

  10. Allow text objects to be broken into lines in BreakUpText().

  11. Set the default stretchable text mode to TRUE.

  12. Set the default value of Tgif.UsePaperSizeStoredInFile to TRUE.

  13. Set the default print-in-color mode to TRUE (when the "-print" command line option is not used).

  14. Remove the concept of a current import directory.

  15. New Tgif.tmpl-os2 for OS/2. Also fix some OS/2 dependent stuff. Thanks to Alexander Mai <> for the patch.

  16. Add new X defaults, Tgif.PsRegMarksInTiledPageMode and Tgif.PsRegMarksGray to draw small crosshairs at the corners defining the clipping regions when printing/exporting PS/EPS files in the tiled page mode.

  17. Add a new X default, Tgif.PSFontAliases to allow fake font names in Tgif.AdditionalFonts. Using this X default, different encodings of the same PS font can be used. Please see the ADDITIONAL FONTS section of the mane pages for details. Thanks to Johan Vromans <> for many helpful suggestions.

  18. Add the following new internal command: