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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - Version 4.1 Patchlevel 45 Release Notes

Version 4.1 Patchlevel 45 Added Features/Bug Fixes
  1. Fix a bug with the create_arc_obj() internal command. Thanks to Jack Tucker for pointing out the bug.

  2. Fix a bug with measurements in the ruler window when Tgif.ShowMeasure is active. Thanks to Olin Johnson for pointing out the bug.

  3. Fix a bug with "tgif -print -pdf". Thanks to Rob for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix a bug with copy and paste in cygwin. Thanks to Tobias Naehring for fixing the bug.

  5. Move tgif's web server to a standard web server port (80). The new tgif home page is now at:

  6. Please note that as of 5/16/2006, postings to tgif related groups at Yahoo!Groups are restricted to members only. This is done to cut down SPAM. The affected groups are at:
    If you have registered as a member in a group above, you can now only post via the web interface or by sending an e-mail from your registered e-mail address. Sorry about this inconvenience. But there have been just too much SPAM on these lists.

  7. Use the X Selections mechanism to perform copy and paste.

  8. Add support for linking to an external JPEG file to save file size (under File->Import). Some editing operations cannot be performed on these linked JPEG objects. However, these objects do not have the color limitation of X11 pixmap objects. Therefore, when they are exported in the PS/EPS formation, they will have a lot more colors.

  9. The standard Linux distribution now use Xtoolkit by default (this is done by including -DUSE_XT_INITIALIZE in the MISCDEFINES line and -lXt in the SYS_LIBRARIES line of Tgif.tmpl-linux). One advantage of this is that now it's easy to override X defaults. For example, one can use:
        tgif -xrm "Tgif.Foreground: red"

  10. Add support for Tgif.PSDistillerNoImageCompress so that images in a generated PostScript file will not be compressed by a distiller program such as ps2pdf. Thanks to Dirk Farin for supplying the PostScript code. Please use Tgif.PSDistillerNoImageCompress with care. It has been noticed that generated EPS file may not work well with LaTeX.

  11. Add support for Tgif.AdditionalPSSetup (and -pssetup commandline option) so that a user can add additiional user specified PostScript code in the PostScript file header (right before %%EndSetup).

  12. Support a new commandline option "-noshowpageineps" so that the "showpage" PostScript command is not generated when printing/exporting in the EPS format when tgif is run with "-print"..

  13. Add support for Tgif.PSFontNeedCharSubs and Tgif.PSCharSubs.* so that some characters in the non-ASCII portion of a non-iso8859-1 font can be replaced by user specified PostScript characters. Thanks to Peter Dembinski for the suggestion.

  14. Add a new X default, Tgif.DrawTextFuncKey_F#, so that a function key can be associated with a list of internal commands (and activiated only in the text drawing mode).

  15. Add the following internal commands: