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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - Version 4.1 Release Notes

Version 4.1 Announcement
I've just put the source code for tgif-4.1 in the following places for anonymous ftp: (primary)

(1,135,868 bytes - running 'sum tgif-4.1.tar.gz' should get: 56292 1110)

Below is a list of tgif resources:

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Main Features added in Version 4.1
The main feature added in tgif-4.1 is the ability to underline strings in text objects. (Please note that underline information is actually stored in files generated by tgif-4.0.x but were never used; therefore, files generated by tgif-4.1 can be read by tgif-4.0.)

Here's a summary of added features/bug fixes.

  1. Strings in text objects can now be underlined.

  2. Fix a seg fault bug which happens if the .mailcap file is not present when downloading an URL. Thanks to Frank Koeck <> for the patch.

  3. Fix various bugs with edit text size. Thanks to Jeremy H. Brown <> for pointing out the problems.

  4. Fix a bad status for the rotate/shear mode. Thanks to Dave Bodenstab <> for the patch.

  5. Fix negative offsets bug in SetSlideShowWindowOffsets().

  6. Reduce repaint when editing text objects.

  7. Add EditPageFileNames() under the StackedPage Menu so that each page in a multipage drawing can have its own print/export file name when PrintOneFilePerPage() is invoked.