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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif - A Hyper-Structured-Graphics Editor/Viewer on the WWW

What is Hyper-Structured-Graphics (or Hyper-Graphics)?
  • A structured-graphics drawing can contain primitive graphical objects such as rectangles, ovals, lines, arcs, polygons, bitmaps, text strings, etc. as well as composite objects. Using a drawing tool, one can create structured-graphics drawings.

  • A hyper-structured-graphics drawing is a structured-graphics drawing with embedded hyper-links. Using tgif, one can create hyper-structured-graphics drawings.

Why Hyper-Structured-Graphics?
  • One way to represent graphical information is to use bitmaps. However, large bitmaps are not very easy to maintain, and they do not print very well unless very high resolution printing is used. Often, graphical information can be simply represented with structured-graphics.

  • With a drawing tool, one can easily maintain complex structured-graphics drawings and generate high-quality printouts.

  • Hyper-structured-graphics combines both the benifits of hyper-linking and structured-graphics.