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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Export Windows EPS File

When I insert the EPS file generated by tgif in Word or other Windows applications, I cannot see the content of the EPS file. Is there a way to have tgif generate a Windows friendly EPS file?
If you set the following X defaults (I can't remember if all these are necessary):

Tgif.UsePsAdobeString: 3.0/3.0
Tgif.HalfToneBitmap: true
Tgif.BitmapThreshold: 0.5
Tgif.TiffEPSI: true     (<-- don't need this if you are running tgif-4.x)

and you print into EPSI format, you will get an EPS file which can be used in Windows. I've tried this with Word and it seemed to work! With this setting, before the EPS file is generated, tgif generates an XBM representation of the file and look at the Tgif.XbmToTiff X default to convert the XBM file to a TIFF file. A small header is then prepend to the EPS file and the TIFF file is appended to the EPS file to generate a DOS/Windows EPS file. The default Tgif.XbmToTiff X default is:

Tgif.XbmToTiff: xbmtopbm %s | pnmtotiff -none > %s

Xbmtopbm and pnmtotiff are from the netpbm toolkit.

Please remember that an EPS file only works when you print with a PostScript printer!

I have an Windows EPS file generated by Adobe Illustrator 8. When I try to import it, tgif says, "unable to convert EPS preview bitmap". If I run "eps2eps" on the EPS file, tgif can then import it. Is there a way to fix this so that tgif can import it directly?
Usually, a preview bitmap in a Windows EPS file is a greyscale image. The default way tgif process this is to run:

tifftopnm %s | pgmtopbm | pbmtoxbm

where %s above is replaced by a temporary filename created by tgif.

Apparently, Adobe Illustrator 8 generates a color preview bitmap. So, if the above command is run, pgmtopbm fails because the image is in color. To get around this problem, please use the following X resource:

Tgif.TiffToXbm: tifftopnm %s | ppmtopgm | pgmtopbm | pbmtoxbm

Once this is used, you need to comment it out if you want to import Windows EPS files that use a greyscale preview bitmap.