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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - SlideShow Mode

(Polish version of this page)
I use tgif to make slides and print them on transparencies. Does tgif has a slideshow mode where I can do presentations from my Linux laptop?
Yes. In tgif-4.x, you can select SlideShow() from the SlideShow Submenu of the Layout Menu to enter the slideshow mode and press the <ESC> key to get out of the slideshow mode.

Q: How do you navigate in slideshow mode?

If your slides are all in a sinlge tgif file (using the multipage feature), you can advance the slides with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard in slideshow mode.

Q: How come the slides don't fill up the whole screen like it does in PowerPoint? Also, can I do animation in slideshow mode?

Tgif's slideshow mode is at best a poorman's slideshow. So it doesn't have many of the fancy features in PowerPoint.

Q: I'm running 800x600 mode on my laptop, I can't see the whole page in slideshow mode. What can I do?

Since tgif doesn't resize the slides, the settings of the file is immortant. I've found that a setting a value between 142% and 170% in the SetReduction() dialogbox under the Layout Menu works pretty well (recently, I've been using 142%). With these settings, I use size 34 and 24 text for the title and the body of a slide, respectively.

A sample slide (750,701 bytes) and a gzipped version (75,838 bytes) of it using 170% reduction/magnification are available.

Unfortunately, if all your slides are using the default reduction/magnification setting, you will need to resize all the object manually in order to use a different reduction/magnification setting.