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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - make_faxcover/HylaFAX

I'm using make_faxcover and tgif to create HylaFAX fax cover page. Why is there an extra blank page added at the end? Can I do something to get rid of it?
The problem is that in the more recent versions of tgif, by default, there is a "showpage" at the end of a generated EPS file. The reason for that is more tools that know how to handle EPS files will properly disable "showpage" when it's not appropriate.

As you can see in the last line of make_faxcover (the sed script) is simply "showpage". After you run make_faxcover, the resulting file now has 2 "showpage" at the end. Usually, this should not be a problem because anythingn that handles and manipulate EPS files will disable "showpage". But my guess is that the HylaFAX software does not tread the input file as an EPS file but expect the file to be in a specific format, i.e., no double "showpage".

One simple fix is to simply delete the "showpage" in make_faxcover.

A safer fix (so that it's compatible with all versions of tgif generated EPS files) would be add a line in make_faxcover to replace all instances of "showpage" in the input file with a comment and keep the last "showpage" in make_faxcover. To achieve this, you can add the following line right below the last line that begins with "#":

    s/^showpage$/% showpage/