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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Keyboard Bindings

How can I bind keys to TGIF? I would like to use the Windows bindings, e.g. <Cntrl>c for copy and <Cntrl>v for paste, etc?
Sorry, but it cannot be done in tgif. The <Cntrl> and <Meta> (or <Alt> on some keyboards) keys have fixed meaning in tgif. The only thing you can do is to add ``shortcuts''. For example, if you add the following to your X resource file (such as ~/.Xdefaults):

Tgif.ShortCuts: \n\
!<Key>C:Copy() \n\

You can then use <Shift>c and <Shift>v to do copy and paste. However, they won't work in text mode (you will get 'C' and 'V' instead of copy and paste in the above example).