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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Import EPS Files

How come when I import an EPS file, I only get a border plus a few words?
A normal EPS file may not have a preview bitmap. A preview bitmap looks like:

%%BeginPreview: <w> <h> 1 <h>

where <w> and <h> are the dimensions (in number of pixels) of the preview bitmap

You can generate a preview bitmap for a PS or an EPS file using tools such as ps2epsi or pstoepsi. Ps2epsi comes with ghostscript. Information about pstoepsi can be obtained from tgif's home page. After you've installed, say, pstoepsi, you must rename your EPS (or PS) file to something with a .ps extension, then you can do:

pstoepsi file.eps

to generate a preview bitmap for