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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - DECTech Encoding

I have text files that use characters in what we would think of as lower-case ASCII positions as "box drawing" characters, using the DECTech encoding. Can I use them in tgif?
If you have "xfonts-75dpi" and "xfonts-100dpi" packages installed and if you do the following on Ubuntu:
    xlsfonts | grep dectech
you would see something like the following (or more):
So, some fonts with the "dec-dectech" encoding are available in X11. But there is no corresponding PostScript fonts. To get them to work in tgif, you can add the following X default value:
    Tgif.AdditionalFonts: \n\
        terminal-medium-r-normal,dec-dectech,HF-gs-font \n\
        terminal-bold-r-normal,dec-dectech,HF-gs-font \n\
        terminal-medium-r-normal,dec-dectech,HF-gs-font \n\
The "HF-gs-font" PostScript font is a made-up font, created on-the-fly, and you need to add the content of this file ("Xdef-DECTech") into your X defaults file. This file contains one X default that's needed by tgif to create the "HF-gs-font" PostScript font on-the-fly.

If you already have a text file that does "box drawing" using DECTech encoding, you can do the following to create a tgif file:

  1. Start tgif.
  2. Enter text mode and click somewhere on the canvas.
  3. Set font size to 14 (or 18).
  4. Change font to HF-gs-font.
  5. Click on the Edit Menu and select Paste From File, in the popup box, select your text file.

Thanks from Van Snyder for providing all the PostScript code and information.