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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Import EPS Files Generated by ImageMagic's "Convert"

I'm using ImageMagic's convert to convert a GIF file to an EPS file. When I import the EPS file into tgif and export/print into a PS file, ghostscript gives me a "/stackunderflow" error. What's wrong?
Turns out that the PostScript code which ImageMagic's convert genreates cannot be ``condensed''. The reason is that convert's PS code is using the "readline" operator to read lines from the input PS file. So condensing it break the code.

Please use the following X default:

Tgif.DontCondensePSFile: true

This will prevent tgif from condensing the PS file. If you are printing/exporting with the "-print" command line argument, you can use "-dontcondense" to achieve the same effect.

Sorry for the trouble it may have caused.