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William Chia-Wei Cheng

Tgif FAQ - Compile & Link Problems

I get the "libdl.a library not found" error during the link phase of building tgif from source under cygwin on Windows XP. How do I fix it?
I think you might be using the wrong Tgif.tmpl file. Please try the following (with tgif-4.1.42):
rm Tgif.tmpl
cp Tgif.tmpl-cygwin Tgif.tmpl
make tgif.exe
There's a minor bug in the latest Tgif.tmpl-cygwin. (This bug will be fixed in tgif-41.43.) Before you proceed with the above steps, please change the last MOREDEFINES line in Tgif.tmpl-cygwin from:
Please also note that "make depend" seems to be broken on the last cygwin I've compiled tgif on. I don't know if it has been fixed in the latest cygwin.
I get the "undefined symbol _XipSetIOErrorHandler in convxim.o" error during the link phase of building tgif from source. How do I fix it?
You are probably running X11R5. You can modify Tgif.tmpl and add -D_NO_XIMP to the first XIMPDEFINES. After the modification, the top part of Tgif.tmpl should look like:
#if ProjectX == 5
#if BuildXimp
#elif ProjectX > 5
To verify that you are running X11R5, the value of XlibSpecificationRelease should be 5 in <X11/Xlib.h>.
I want to install tgif on the fileserver (/usr/local, /opt, or whatever). How can I do it with xmkmf ?
Most of the Tgif.tmpl-PLATFORM files is distributed with the following lines:
    XCOMM BINDIR    = /u/halfmoon/bin
    XCOMM MANPATH   = /u/halfmoon/man
    XCOMM TGIFDIR   = /u/halfmoon/lib/X11/tgif
Let's say you want to install tgif in /usr/local. Just change one of them that works for you to Tgif.tmpl and change these lines to the following and rebuild:
    BINDIR    = /usr/local/bin
    MANPATH   = /usr/local/man
    TGIFDIR   = /usr/local/lib/X11/tgif
Removing XCOMM uncomments these lines. BINDIR is where the executable will go. MANPATH/man1 is where the man page will go. TGIFDIR is where some stock symbol files (such as the LaTeX equation files) will go.