My research interests are in the area of computer systems modeling and performance evaluation, with earlier work largely focusing on: (1) Development of models and efficient methodologies for evaluation of systems at design time—specifically, on techniques that lead to reasonably simple abstractions (needed for ease of applicability) and efficient techniques (needed for rapid evaluation of design ideas). (2) Quality-of-service-based design of large-scale continuous media (CM) storage systems subsequent performance evaluation; efficient storage system designs are fundamental to the viability of a broad range of systems and applications.

I have contributed to several sub-fields of design and evaluation of large-scale distributed systems, particularly in the areas of (i) multimedia systems, which are fundamental to the viability of a broad range of Internet-based applications and (ii) overlays and peer-to-peer systems, which lead to insight into distributed system design in general. I have also made contributions in the first scalable and secure platform for building wide-area upload applications (Bistro), software systems reliability evaluation, needed for rapid evaluation of design ideas, as well as accurate and robust processing of large volumes of data generated by wireless sensor systems that facilitate scientific studies by instrumenting the real world.

I continue to work broadly in the design and evaluation of large scale distributed systems, with current interests focused on hybrid clouds and (geographically distributed) data centers and their applications in data analytics and (more recently) cyber-insurance and privacy. An overview of recent projects is on my group's - QED (Quantitative Evaluation and Design) - page.

QED Research Group