Bill Cheng's Personal Page

Bill Cheng's Personal Vita

In Chronological Order

1960 -- Born in Taiwan.

1976 -- Immigrated to USA.

1978 -- Graduated from University High School, Los Angeles, CA.

1981 -- Received Bachelor of Science Degree from UCLA.

Major: Electrical Engineering.
Emphasis: Solid-state Electronics.

1982 -- Received Master of Science Degree from Stanford University.

Department: Electrical Engineering.
Area of Specialization: Computer Architecture.

1983 -- Gone Back to UCLA Half-time to Pursue a Doctoral Degree.

1987 -- Started to Pursue the Doctoral Degree Full-time.

1990 -- First Public Release of Tgif.

1992 -- Received Doctor of Philosophy from UCLA.

Department: Computer Science.
Area of Specialization: Computer/Communication Systems Modeling and Analysis.

2001 -- Tgif Released under Q Public License as Open Source Software.