Version 4.0 Patchlevel 4 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a seg fault bug when Tgif.ShowFontSizeInPoints is used. Thanks to Levente NOVAK <> for pointing out this problem (and a few other problems).

  2. Allow URL's while importing XPM/XBM/GIF and other files (to specify an URL, type '/' in the file dialogbox before typing the URL).

  3. Fix problems reading files generated by tgif-2.13J and tgif-2.16J. Thanks to TSUKADA Satoru <> for the patch.

  4. Use auto _DL_EXPORT_UNDERSCORE determination on NetBSD. Thanks to Dan McMahill <> for the patch.

  5. Accept "cm" and "in" specifications in SpecifyAnArc() and SizeToGivenWidthHeight(). Thanks to Levente NOVAK <> for pointing out the problems.

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