Version 4.0 Patchlevel 3 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix crashing bugs with super/subscripts. Thanks to Levente NOVAK <> for pointing out the problem.

  2. Make tgif compile under HP-UX. On an HP 9000/735, /bin/cc does not like "#define extern extern" which appears in all the .e files.

  3. Add "#include <locale.h>" if _NO_LOCALE_SUPPORT is defined in "convxim.c". Thanks to Ralphe Neill <> for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix offset into the tiff image is incorrect when exporting in the TiffEPSI format. Thanks for Leana Golubchik <> for pointing out the problem.

  5. Handle window manager Delete's properly. Thanks to Dick Wesseling <> for the patch.

  6. Don't repaint so much when pasting. Thanks to Francis Ngoh <> for pointing out the problem.

  7. Fix the following problems when dealing with inputing Japanese characters.

    The File Modified flag was not set when inputing Japanese characters.

    After switching to a single-byte font, tgif was still talking to the input method.

    If Tgif.PreeditType is set to overthespot, the kinput2's window position was wrong.

    Thanks to TAKAHASHI Hitoshi <> pointing out the problems.

  8. Add the following files:


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