Version 4.0 Announcement

I'm happy to announce the availability of version 4.0 of tgif. This release is an alpha release. So it's probably a good idea not to use it on anything too serious. Please send bug reports to as soon as you see bugs so I can release patches to fix major bugs. Unfortunately, I will be out of e-mail reach until 12/31, so I won't be able to respond until probably the next year. I apologize for that.

Although version 4.0 is backward-compatible with old versions of tgif, the file format is not forward-compatible (you won't be able to read files generated by this version of tgif with an older versions of tgif).

The tgif-4.0 source code is available at the following places for anonymous ftp (binaries are not available yet at the time of this release, please check the tgif current release and download page for availability): (primary)

(1,098.938 bytes - running 'sum tgif-4.0.tar.gz' should get: 16385  1074)

Tgif is free-of-charge, but please read the Copyright file in the distribution (or select Copyright from the Help Menu in tgif) for restrictions.

(Pelase note that tgif is NEITHER an html viewer NOR an html editor. It is also NOT directly related to GIF nor Transparent GIF.)

Below is a list of tgif resources:

                   Home Page:
  Current Release & Download:
        Join to Mailing List:
                Mailing List:
         Bug Reports Send To:

Happy New Year!

Main Features added in Version 4.0

  1. 3-D look.

  2. Allow a text object to have multiple font faces, sizes, styles, and colors.

  3. Allow superscripts and subscripts in text objects.

  4. Support double-byte fonts and their input methods such as kinput2 for Japanese and xcin and chinput for Chinese.

  5. Slide show mode for multipage drawings using left and right cursor keys to advance pages.

  6. Import/export GIF animation - requires gifsicle version 1.9.1 or newer.

  7. Export PDF files - requires ps2pdf from the ghostscript 5.x distribution .

  8. Copy/paste object properties (such as color, linewidth, etc.)

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