Version 3.0 Announcement

It's been 9 months since the last release. Finally, I've got rotation (and a bunch of other stuff) to work. This release is a beta release at best. Please send bug reports to as soon as possible so I can release patches. Although version 3.0 is backward-compatible, the file format is not forward-compatible (you won't be able to read files generated by this version with older versions of tgif).

I've just put tgif-3.0 source in the following places for anonymous ftp (binaries are not available yet at the time of this release, please check for availability):
Tgif is an Xlib-based 2-D drawing tool. It's also a hyper-graphics (or hyper-structured-graphics) browser on the World-Wide-Web. Its hyper-text home page is at and its hyper-graphics home page is at . (Please note that the Content-type of a tgif file sent by the httpd at is applications/x-tgif.)

Tgif is free, but please read the Copyright file in the distribution (or select Copyright from the Help Menu in tgif) for restrictions.

Version 3.0 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Rotate objects by any angle. Shear objects.

  2. Image processing functions for pixmap object.

  3. Support some flowcharting objects directly.

  4. Import image files using extern filters such as filters from the netpbm (pbmplus) and the jpeg toolkits. Please see Tgif.MaxImportFilters and Tgif.ImportFilter# in the tgif.Xdefault file of the distribution for examples.

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