Version 3.0 Patchlevel 14 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug in rotating shapes. Thanks to Shinichiro Shiratake <> for pointing out the problem.

  2. Fix a bug in Move/JustifyAttr where an attribute name becomes visible when it should not. Thanks to Heinz Appoyer <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. Fix a bug in navigating back. Thanks to Scott W. Turner <> for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix a bug in Find functions to remove the "Undo()/Redo() may crash Tgif" message.

  5. Fix a memory leak problem in printing EPS objects. Thanks to Kazuhiko Sumi <> for the patch.

  6. Add support for "-gif", "-xpm", "-xbm", "-html", "-epsi", and "-tiffepsi" command line options to work with the "-print" command line options. Please note that these options require an X server to be accessible (which can be specified by the "-display" command line option). Support for "-stdout" command line option is also added.

  7. Add support for the "-previewonly" command line options to work with the "-print -dosepsfilter" command line options. This makes tgif act as a filter for extracting the preview bitmap from the trailing TIFF image in a DOS/Windows EPS file.

  8. Add a new X resource, Tgif.ColorFromXPixmap, to specify an XPM file to be used to load the initial colors. If this X resource is specified, the Tgif.Color# X resources are ignored.

  9. Add a new X resource, Tgif.TitledPinnedMenu, so that pinned menu can have a title bar and left button to be used for selecting menu items in a pinned menu.

  10. Add a new X resource, Tgif.TmpFileMode, to specify a file mode for temporary and exported files. A new command option -tmp_file_mode is also added and recognized when -print is used. These values overrides the PSFILE_MOD compile option.

  11. Add new internal commands:


  12. Add support for a new compile option -D_METRIC_PIX_PER_INCH to use 127 pixels per inch when printing in the metric system to fix round-off problems (pointed out by Graham Titmus <>). By default, tgif uses 128 pixels per inch.

  13. Handle multiple objects in UpdateEPS().

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