Version 3.0 Patchlevel 11 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug in using the -DUSE_XAPPLRESDIR compile option. Thanks to Dieter Jurzitza for the patch.

  2. Fix a bug in constrained move/stretch/rotate mode for transformed objects. Thanks to Hiroto Kagotani <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. After an iconic object is instantiated, of the object has an attribute named "on_instantiate", the corresponding internal commands are executed.

  4. Add new internal commands: substitute_attr(<attr_name>,<src_attr_name>, <replace_attr_name>,<pattern_str>), get_file_size(<attr_name>,<file_name>), and is_file(<attr_name>,<file_name>).

  5. Support new command line arguments to be used with -print. The -raw argument causes an input file to be copied to stdout. If the input file is an HTTP URL and the -raw+h argument is used, the HTTP header information is also copied to stdout.

  6. Add SetEditTextSize() under the Edit Menu to let the user use a different text size in editing existing text objects (this can be useful when using very large fonts or zooming way in). Also add a new X resource, Tgif.EditTextSize, to set the default size to use in editing existing text objects.

  7. Add FindCaseSensitive(), FindNoCase(), and FindAgain() under the Edit Menu to find a string in visible text objects.

  8. Allow "href=#<page_spec>" in generating HTML files (with client-side imagemaps) using PrintOneFilePerPage() from the Page Menu.

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