Version 2.9 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add user-definable ``shortcut'' keys (in additional to the <Cntrl> and <Meta> key bindings). See the SHORTCUTS section in man page for details. I personally wouldn't recommand using this feature because if you fall asleep on your keyboard, ...

  2. Use dragging to hightlight text (in additional to using the middle mouse button).

  3. Add vertical spacing control between lines within the same text object.

  4. When printing xpm objects from tgif (not prtgif) in black and white, greyscale is used (PostScript procedure adapted from xgrabsc). Color PostScript dump is made more efficient and condensed with the 'colorimage' operator (which some black/white PostScript might not support).

  5. Clicking the arrows in the scrollbars with the shift key held down will scroll a window-full.

  6. Add a new X default, XPmOutputVersion, to select the output X Pixmap format/version. XPM version 3 is supported now (only color visuals are supported, meaning that the key field is the color section must be the character 'c').

  7. Add FlushUndoBuffer in the Edit menu to free objects in the un-delete buffer.

  8. When creating polygon objects, use non-self-closing rubberband (closed-splines will always see self-closing rubberband). If the self-closing style is prefered, the user can holding down the <Shift> key while creating the polygon.

  9. Make the domain 'Examples' always available. The library for that domain is specified in the compile flag TGIF_PATH.

  10. Add a new X default, ImportFromLibrary. If set to true, the library directories specified by the current domain are searched for xbitmap/xpixmap files to import. Otherwise, the old style is used.

  11. Add more pen and fill patterns.

  12. Combine the 75dpi and 100dpi font sizes to be able to access from one menu. The FontDPI menu is no longer available.

  13. In drawing any object, clicking the left or right mouse buttons in the panel window will NEITHER change the current object NOR terminate the current drawing mode. The exception being that, in text mode, changing justification, fonts, fill, or pen will change the current mode to the selecting mode.

  14. Fix a bug in print xbitmap/xpixmap file. Some objects might be missing if they were no visible in the window.

  15. Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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