Version 2.7 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add #% command to allow arbitrary reduction/enlargement while printing.

  2. Add #: and #` commands to zoom all the way in and all the way out.

  3. Add #; command to cut and magnify xbitmap/xpixmap objects.

  4. Add #~ command to save selected objects.

  5. Add arrow tips for arcs.

  6. Use cursor keys to move objects by the grid amount.

  7. Page size is now 8.5x11 instead of 7.5x10.

  8. Add user specifiable line widths, arrow head widths, and arrow head heights through X defaults.

  9. Colors in X pixmaps no longer have to be in the X defaults; colors are allocated on depend until no more color cell is available.

  10. Support X pixmap format where the chars_per_pixel is 2.

  11. Modify so that it is complient with EPSF standards. Thanks to Glenn Lewis's ( contribution.

  12. Detect errors while reading files. This is helpful when the tgif files are not generated by other tools. Thanks to Christos Zoulas's <> contribution.

  13. Add three more dash patterns. Add miscellaneous control key input in choosing a name. Thanks to Yoichiro Ueno's ( contribution.

  14. Performance enhancement in displaying bitmaps and pixmaps while zoomed out.

  15. Performance enhancement in generated PostScript output.

  16. Add an X defaults WarpToWinCenter and SaveTmpOnReturn.

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