Version 2.6 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add -o flag to prtgif and X default PrintDirectory so that the printout can go to a specified directory.

  2. Fix a (typo) bugs in reading long poly objects.

  3. Fix the foreground/background pattern for rotated text.

  4. Fix some minor bugs in arc code.

  5. Add a #" command to convert selected polygons to regular ones. Each new polygon will be made to fit inside the bounding box of the corresponding original one.

  6. Add a <META>9 command to specify an arc with the string: radius,dir,theta1,theta2 where radius (integer) is in pixels; dir can be a + or a - for clockwise or counter-clockwise; theta1 and theta2 are measured from the 12 o'clock position.

  7. Rename the file .psmac to

  8. Add X default DropObsIconAttrWhenUpdate. If set to true, obsolete icon attributes will be dropped without confirmation when the UpdateSymbols command is executed. If set to false (which is the default), a popup window will prompt the user to specify what to do with the obsoleted icon attributes.

  9. Add X default UseRecentDupDistance. If set to true, the most recent change in position produced by a combination of a duplicate and a move command will be used for the new duplicate command.

  10. Add a #- command to show all the attributes of selected objects.

  11. Some additional VMS support.

  12. Change the #ifdef APOLLO to the standard #ifdef apollo form.

  13. Add patchlevel.h so that, in the future, small patches can be added without version changes.

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