Version 2.5 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add support for Metric grid system. ^#- toggles between the English and the Metric grid system. The X default GridSystem is used to specify the initial grid system.

  2. Add pinned main menu. Thanks for Kouichi Matsuda ( The X default MainMenuPinDistance controls the horizontal distance away from the main popup menu the mouse must travel before the main menu is pinned. Right mouse button moves the pinned main menu and the middle mouse button un-pins it.

  3. Include VMS compatibility stuff. Thanks to for the VMS code and Roger Grywalski <> for helping to make things work. (The VMS makefile, descrip.mms, will be included in the distribution from now on. VMS users should modify the TGIF_PATH and TMP_DIR definitions in the DEFINES line in descrip.mms.)

  4. Add X defaults AskForXBmSpec and AskForXPmSpec so that magnification and geometry can be specified when importing a X Bitmap or a X Pixmap file. Also allow #RRRGGGBBB type of color specification in a X Pixmap file (easier integration with xgrabsc).

  5. Add X default XBmReverseVideo to use reverse video when importing X Bitmap files.

  6. Add X default NoTgifIcon to disable tgif's own icon window.

  7. Add X default MsgFontSizeIndex to specify the point size used for messages and popup windows.

  8. Add X default SplineTolerance so that the user can see a smoother spline if desired (doesn't affect print out).

  9. Allow the root name to be '//' for Apollo platforms. (Users on Apollo systems should add -DAPOLLO to the DEFINES definition in Imakefile or Makefile.noimake.)

  10. Fix a bunch of calloc() bugs with related to string copy.
Note: In the DEFINES definition in the Imakefile and the Makefile.noimake, the PSFILE_MOD changes from a string to an octal number.
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