Version 2.4 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add ^E key binding to save/restore current drawing mode.

  2. Text objects now have a background fill (file version is now at 11).

  3. Use shorter names in the title window if possible.

  4. Allow primitive objects to become iconic or symbolic.

  5. Use user definable cursors (in X defaults) for pointing, drawing, and draging.

  6. Add -display and -geometry command line arguments.

  7. Use <Shift>button2 for drawing mode menu.

  8. Highlight the current selections in popup menus.

  9. Add the following X defaults: DoubleClickUnIconify, RubberBandColor, DontShowVersion, and WhereToPrint. See for details.

  10. Fix a bug in generating color PostScript. Something used to be transparent when they are not supposed to.

  11. Fix a bug in using rubber-banding with 24-bit display.

  12. Make the encapsulated PostScript bounding box slightly bigger.

  13. Try to handle icon window and expose event better, and try to interact with the window manager better.

  14. Try to handle exit() better.

  15. Remove tgif2ps stuffs from the distribution (they were not needed since long time ago).
Special thanks to Kouichi Matsuda <> and Christos Zoulas <> for their patches. (Appology to <> for not getting the VMS support stuff included.)
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