Version 2.16 Patchlevel 9 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Support reading of gzipped remote tgif files. Add an X resource Tgif*GUnZipCmd so that default gunzip program can be overridden. If you have gzip and would like to try it out, please connect to "".

  2. Support proxy servers. Add X resources Tgif*HttpProxy and Tgif*FtpProxy to specify HTTP and FTP proxy servers. These X resources can be overridden by http_proxy and ftp_proxy environment variables, respectively.

  3. Support page numbers in a URL. Please see the OBJECT NAMES section of the man pages for details. Among other thing, this works with the hyperjump() internal command and importing remote tgif files.

  4. Add PrintOneFilePerPage() to the Page Menu to generate one PS/EPS file for each page when printing in the stacked page mode. Add an command-line option, -one_file_per_page, to go with the -print command to achieve the same effect.

  5. Add a new internal command, post_attr_and_get_cgi_result(<url_attr>,<query_attr>,<result_attr>). Please see the man pages for details. An example of how it can be used is at "" or "".

  6. Add a new X default, Tgif*InitialArrowStyle, for specifying the startup arrow style.

  7. Add a new X default, Tgif*ShowPageInEPS, to force a "showpage" even when generating an EPS file.

  8. Add a new X default, Tgif*MaxNavigateCacheBuffers, to specify the number of cache buffers allocated for remote files (to minimize communication). The default is to have 40 cache buffers.

  9. Add a new X default, Tgif*NumberFileInPrintOnePage, to allow PS/EPS file name to be generated in the same fashions as the newly introduced PrintOneFilePerPage() command when PrintOnePage() is selected from the Page Menu in stacked page mode.

  10. Use a different style for line-continuation in Imakefile to work with Debian Linux. Please send e-mail to if your imake doesn't work with the new Imakefile.

  11. Fix a bug in using the HotList and SessionHistory from the Navigate Menu. Thanks to Ralphe Neill <> for pointing out the problem.

  12. Add a command-line option, -pepsc (PreserveEPSComment), to go with the -print command. If it is used, it is as if Tgif*StripEPSComment is set to False. Thanks to Kyle Bateman <> for pointing out the problem. Two additional command-line options, -bop_hook and -eop_hook, are also added.

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