Version 2.16 Patchlevel 6 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Use case-insensitive string-compare when matching Content-type to work with the CERN 3.0 httpd. Thanks to Nobuyuki Miyajima <> for pointing out the problem.

  2. Tgif*PageStyleLandscape did not work properly. Thanks to Kyle Bateman <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. Add DeletePages() command under the Page Menu to delete a range of pages.

  4. It's no longer necessary to specify all Tgif*Color#, Tgif*LineWidth#, Tgif*ArrowWidth*, and Tgif*ArrowHeight* in X defaults if one want to override/add colors and line widths. When a requested item is not in X defaults, the program default will be used.

  5. Change the default value of Tgif*HandleSize to 3.

  6. A collection of Avery Label symbols is available through anonymous ftp from "". Please send e-mail to if the values of the labels are not correctly set (such as wrong size). Hyper-graphics instruction on using the labels can be found at "".

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