Version 2.16 Patchlevel 5 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Reduce PS/EPS file size. Please send e-mail to as soon as you see a bug related to this new improvement.

  2. Fix a seg-fault bug when SaveSelectedAs is selected from the File Menu. Thanks to Helmut Jarausch <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. Fix a bug with setting up page information in MergeWithTable().

  4. Make a few minor adjustments to make it run on BSDI machines. Thanks to Scott Spetka <> to the patches.

  5. When opening a file, executes the auto_exec file attribute if it exists. Thanks to Nicolas Rouquette <> for the patch.

  6. Interprets retracted_arrows and auto_retracted_arrows attributes for polyline and open-splines. Please read the SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES section of the man pages for details. Thanks to Nicolas Rouquette <> for the patch.

  7. Handles the Compose Key for inputting internation characters. Thanks to Johan Vromans <> for the patch.

  8. Add USER_PLACEMENT attribute to bypass auto-layout and allow the user to place objects in MergeWithTable().

  9. Add STRIP_DOUBLE_QUOTES attribute strip strings enclosed by double-quotes (such as files generated by Microsoft Excel) in MergeWithTable().

  10. Do not generate the usual PS preview bitmap (i.e., %%BeginPreview and %%EndPreview) when TiffEPSI is used.

  11. If Tgif*GenerateImageMap is used, the XPM file is removed after the GIF files are generated.

  12. Add a new X default, Tgif*ShowMeasurementUnit, to show measurements in inch/cm/pixel units.

  13. Add new X defaults, Tgif*PageStyleLandscape and Tgif*QueryZoomInPoint. Thanks to Kyle Bateman <> for the patch. If Tgif*QueryZoomInPoint is set to 'true', the user will be asked to select a zoom center when zooming in.

  14. Add the following internal commands: message_box(<attr_name>,<msg>,<title>,<style>), get_user_input(<attr_name>,<msg1>,<msg2>), add_attr_to_selected_obj(<attr_name>,<attr_value>), user_end_an_edge(<attr_name>,<abs_x>,<abs_y>), and user_draw_an_edge(<start_attr_name>,<end_attr_name>). Thanks to Nicolas Rouquette <> for the suggestions.

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