Version 2.16 Patchlevel 1 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a few #ifdef's to compile properly on SGI and Linux machines.

  2. Fix a seg-fault bug with -print when a file contains file attributes.

  3. Fix a bug in drawing freehand polylines. Thanks to Roger Gonzalez <> for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix a bug in saving paper size for landscape drawings. Thanks to Uwe Holzgreve <> for pointing out the problem.

  5. Add a -page <page_number> command line option to work with the -print -eps options to generate an EPS file from a multipage file.

  6. Attempt to handle non-existent fonts better.

  7. Add ExportToTable() command under the Special Menu to write out attributes of objects in a tab-separated table form. Please see the EXPORT TO TABLE section of the man pages for details.

  8. Add MergeWithTable() command under the Special Menu to ``merge'' (also known as ``Mail Merge'' on PCs) an object with a tab-separated table file. Please see the MERGE WITH TABLE section of the man pages for details. A collection of Avery Label symbols will be available through anonymous ftp from "" (there are only 2 symbols at the time of this posting).

  9. If the <file_name> argument to the read_file_into_attr() internal command starts with the '|' character, <file_name> is treated as an executable whose stdout is read instead. Thanks to Juha Takala <> for the patch.

  10. Add the following internal commands: get_current_file(<attr_name>), getenv(<attr_name>,<env_var_name>), strlen(<attr_name>,<string>), substr(<attr_name>,<string>,<start_index>,<length>), strstr(<attr_name>,<string>,<sub_string>), strrstr(<attr_name>,<string>,<sub_string>), unmake_selected_obj_iconic(), and hyperjump_then_exec(<attr_name>,<attr_name_to_exec>). Please see the INTERNAL COMMANDS section of the man pages for details.

  11. Supports MIME types and MailCap files (partically) in addition to the existing mechanism for specifying external viewers. A new X default, Tgif*MimeTypesFile, is added to specify the location of the .mime.types file. The MAILCAPS environment variable is also recognized. Please see the MIME TYPES AND MAILCAPS section of the man pages for details.

  12. Add a new X default, Tgif*LocalRGBTxt to specify a local rgb.txt file to be consulted first before asking the X server for colors. Add another new X default, Tgif*PrintUsingRequestedColor to be able to print with the requested color instead of the color returned by the X server. On an X server that makes gamma corrections, these X defaults can be used to generate correct color PostScript files.

  13. Use a more visible cursor in hyperspace.

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