Version 2.15 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Support generalized polyline/polygon/spline objects. Each vertex on one of these objects can either be a ``smooth'' vertex or a ``hinge'' vertex. The Smooth <-> Hinge command in the Edit Menu can be used to convert a smooth vertex to a hinge vertex and vice versa.

  2. Support EPSI output. A preview bitmap is generated when print in this mode. It may take quite a bit longer to print in this mode, so unless you really need a preview bitmap, just print in the EPS mode. (For example, unlike FrameMaker, xdvi does not use the preview bitmap, so generating an EPSI file for LaTeX is not worthwhile.) EPSI files are generated with the .eps extension.

  3. Support ASCII text file output (suitable for spelling check).
  4. Add a menubar. Tgif*NoMenubar can be used to specify whether the menubar should be used initially. A Hide/ShowMenubar command is added to the Layout Menu hide/show the menubar. By default, the minimal menubar is used. If Tgif*MinimalMenubar is set to false, then the menubar will contain the same menus as the Main (popup) Menu.

  5. Add a status window. Tgif*NoStatusWindow can be used to specify whether the status window should be used initially. A Hide/ShowStatus command is added to the Layout Menu hide/show the status window. When the status window is showing the functions of the mouse buttons, right-handed mouse is assumed. Setting Tgif*ReverseMouseStatusButtons to true will reverse the status (as if a left-handed mouse is used).

  6. Add Cut command to the Edit Menu.

  7. Store color printing information in files.

  8. Add %%Orientation to PostScript output so that PostScript previewer (such as ghostview) can display a landscape file better.

  9. Add -text command line option (only in effect when -print is used).

  10. Add a new X default, Tgif*ColorBgInPrintingColorPS, to use the window's background color as the background color when generating color PostScript output.

  11. Add new X defaults, Tgif*InitialShowGrid and Tgif*InitialSnapOn, to show/hide the grid points and to set the snap on/off on startup.

  12. Add a new X default, Tgif*InitialPrintInColor, to turn on the print-in-color mode on startup.

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