Version 2.15 Patchlevel 7 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Generate NCSA imagemap and CERN clickable image files. Please read the GENERATING NCSA IMAGEMAP AND CERN CLICKABLE IMAGE FILES section of the man pages for details. Tgif*GenerateImageMap, Tgif*XpmToGif, Tgif*ImageMapFileExtension, Tgif*GifFileExtension, Tgif*ImageMapFileFormat, and Tgif*UseXPmVersion1ForImageMap X defaults are added to support this feature.

  2. Fix a bug in printing an interpolated line with only two points and without right arrows. Thanks to Jaap Haalboom <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. Fix a bug in generating the preview bitmap in landscape mode. Thanks to Wolfgang Glunz <> for pointing out the problem.

  4. Fix a bug when only one of Tgif*Foreground and Tgif*Background is specified. Thanks to <> for pointing out the problem.

  5. When creating a non-text object, pressing the <ESC> key will cancel the create operation. <ESC> key works similarly in the add-point mode.

  6. Support all the international characters by completing the ISO Latin 1 encoding vector. Thanks to Juha Takala <> for the patch.

  7. Modify the man pages to indicate that one can import .sym files using the Import command under the File Menu. Also, modify the man pages to include the fact that if Tgif*NoTgifIcon is set to true, Tgif*UseWMIconPixmap should also be set to true.

  8. Give window names to dialogboxes. Apparently, if these dialogboxes do not have names, fvwm-1.22f may crash. Thanks to Christoph Litauer <> for pointing out the problem.

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