Version 2.15 Patchlevel 3 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug that causes segmentation fault if -print and -ps are used in the command line. Thanks to Paul A Sand <> for pointing out the problem.

  2. Fix a few things so that tgif compiles properly under Solaris (using -D_NO_EXTERN).

  3. When using InputPolyPts or InputPolygonPts from the File Menu, all objects inputed together (separated by ';'s) are grouped together.

  4. Add SpecifyPaperSize under the Page Menu so that the physical paper size can be specified as "11in x 14in" or "21cm x 30cm". Add a new X default, Tgif*InitialPaperSize, to set the initial physical paper size.

  5. Add a new X default, Tgif*ScrollBarWidth, to specify the width of the scroll bar.

  6. Add BrowseXBitmap and BrowseXPixmap under the File Menu to display X11 bitmap/pixmap files under a directory in a recursive manner.

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