Version 2.15 Patchlevel 2 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a couple of bugs in saving files. There are extra left square brackets. Even though tgif can read the files without problem, the .obj files are not readable by Prolog. Thanks to Michael Kauschke <> for the patch.

  2. Fix a couple of bugs in hiding/showing of the status window. Thanks to Jez Nicholls <> for pointing out the problem.

  3. Add three internal commands, read_file_into_attr(<file_name>,<attr_name>), write_attr_into_file(<attr_name>,<file_name>), and append_attr_into_file(<attr_name>,<file_name>) to read/write/append a file into/from an attribute.

  4. Add two internal commands, update_xbm_child(<xbm_file_name>) and update_xpm_child(<xpm_file_name>), similar to the existing update_eps_child(<eps_file_name>) command for importing XBM and XPM subobjects.

  5. Add a command line option, -D_USE_XDRAWPOINT_TO_PUT_A_POINT, to bypass some X server bugs (such as certain Linux X server using VGA16 screen) where the XDrawLine() Xlib call does not work properly.

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