Version 2.14 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Supports additional fonts and text of any point size. Newly added X defaults are: Tgif*FontSizes, Tgif*AdditionalFonts, Tgif*MsgFontSize, Tgif*InitialFontSize, and Tgif*DefaultFontSize. Obsoleted X defaults are: Tgif*InitialFontDPI, Tgif*MsgFontSizeIndex, and Tgif*InitialFontSizeIndex.

  2. Add a new X default, Tgif*FontNamePrefix to support certain obscure fonts whose font names do not start with the '-' character. By default, "-*" can be used as the first two characters of a font name. Using this X default, it can be set to just "*" (may degrade performance when fonts are being opened).

  3. Add interpolated open and closed splines. Since there are 3 kinds of curved shapes now, the ToggleLineType() cycles through (instead of toggles between) different shapes.

  4. Add ConvertIntSpline() to convert interpolated splines to regular splines.

  5. Clicking the mouse buttons in the Message Window while the <Cntrl> or <Shift> key is held down scrolls the Message Window horizontally.

  6. Fix a bug which prints panic warning messages when saving files in text mode while in pages other than the first page. Thanks to A. Illek <> for pointing out the problem.

  7. Fix a bug in initializing print reduction. Thanks to Dietrich Bartel <> for pointing out the problem.

  8. Fix a bug in printing 8-bit characters in a multipage document. Thanks to Dietrich Bartel <> for pointing out the problem.

  9. Fix a bug in running with tvtwm. If tgif was iconified, panning in tvtwm caused tgif to be uniconified. However, if this fix causes problems with other window managers, please send bug reports! Thanks to Austin Hastings <> for pointing out the problem.

  10. Fix a bug in reading XPM3 files. Some XPM3 file failed to be imported.

  11. Fix a bug in dealing with object id's. If the same object was pasted several times, they all had the same id's. Thanks to Xianwu Ma <xma@socs.uts.EDU.AU> for pointing out the problem.

  12. Fix a bug in executing the PrintOnePage() function. Sometimes the wrong page get print out in TILED mode. Thanks to Deeptendu Majumder <> for pointing out the problem.

  13. Make Update() from the Edit Menu work with composite objects.

  14. Add a new X default, Tgif*StickyMenuSelection. When it is set to 'true', if patterns/linewidth/linestyle/... of objects are changed using a menu action, the pattern/linewidth/linestyle/... becomes the current selection.

  15. Add functions InputPolyPts() and InputPolygonPts() for reading points from stdin.

  16. Add EditAttrs() to edit attributes of an object in a fashion similar to editing file attributes.

  17. Add PrintSelectedObjs() to print selected objects.

  18. Replace the mechanism of using the Tgif*Domain# X defaults and environment variables to specify domain names and paths with a new X default, Tgif*DomainPath#. Please see the man pages for details.

  19. Add the -DNO_STRSTR compile option to get around systems that do not have strstr() (such as sequent).

  20. All header files are updated to include function prototypes. Checking for function prototypes are automatically enabled if you are using an ANSI or C++ compilor. Nevertheless, not all ANSI/C++ compilors are created equal. A compile option, -D_NO_PROTO, is added to disable the checking of function prototypes if there is a problem.

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