Version 2.14 Patchlevel 4 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Be more complete with the PostScript international characters. Thanks to Heimir Thor Sverrisson <> for the patch.

  2. Add new X defaults, Tgif*PSBopHook and Tgif*PSEopHook, to be used if additional PostScript procedures need to be called at the beginning and at the end of each page, when printing to the printer or into a PS file (not EPS). PostScript procedures such as bop-hook and eop-hook used in dvips can be called using this X default. Please read the man pages for details. Thanks to Juha Takala <> for the patch.

  3. For InputPolyPts() and InputPolygonPts(), if the polyline/polygon is terminated with the '.\n' line (instead of EOF), then the file is not rewound.

  4. Duplicate the PrintOnePage() function on the File Menu.

  5. Fix a bug to be compatible with the old style domain specification.

  6. Yet another attempt to fix the uniconifing redraw problem.

  7. A program called 'pstotgif', written by Wolfgang Glunz, which converts a PostScript file to a tgif .obj file is made available (in 'shar' format) at the following places for anonymous ftp:

    Below is the beginning part of its README file:

    PSTOTGIF Copyright (C) 1993, Wolfgang Glunz, Siemens AG,

    pstotgif allows to convert Postscript files to a simple vector graphic format, that can be edited with tgif. Ask archie on where to find tgif. pstotgif works by redefining the two basic painting operators of Postscript, stroke and show. Others like fill or image are not supported. After redefining these operators, the Postscript file that needs to be converted is processed by GhostScript (gs). So you need to have Ghostscript in order to use this program.

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