Version 2.12 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Undo/redo all operations (#u will undo and #* will redo).

  2. Supports the importing of EPS files. (The content of the EPS file is not stored in the .obj file.)

  3. Make all menus (except the ColorMenu -- this is because I can't seem to get around the colormap problem) pinnable.

  4. Add the ability to lock objects.

  5. Can stretch bitmap and pixmap objects (not yet for text objects).

  6. Add object distribution (spacing).

  7. Auto-justify one-line text objects when they are aligned with other objects.

  8. Add a #& command to align selected objects to the page boundaries.

  9. Xterm-style scrollbars.

  10. Add a new drawing mode -- vertex mode. In this mode, multiple vertices can be moved, aligned, or deleted. Double-click in this mode will de-select all selected objects. (Still haven't decide if it's a good idea to use double-click to de-select in select mode.)

  11. An icon object can now be stretched if it has an inherited attribute whose name is empty and whose value is "not_rigid".

  12. Change a little bit the way constrained move/stretch mode works.

  13. Rearrange the panel (choice) window. Rearrang the bindings on the mouse buttons -- middle button will generate the main menu, right button will generate the mode menu (even in text mode), and Shift or Control left button will be used to mark the end of a string in text mode.

  14. Support the following command line options: -fg -bg -bd -rv -nv -bw.

  15. Add a new X default, HandleSize, so that the size of the little square (handle), which shows up when objects are selected, can be specified.

  16. Add a new X default, HistoryDepth, to specify the size of the undo/redo buffer.

  17. For those who care, it used to be that the '"' character is saved as \" in .obj and .sym files, now it can be changed to "" by using the DoubleQuoteDoubleQuote X default.

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