Version 2.12 Patchlevel 8 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add a new drawing mode for freehand drawing of polylines and open-splines.

  2. Add a new X default, GroupedTextEditable. When it is set to ``true'', text objects and attributes embedded in grouped objects can be edited. (The default setting is ``false'' though.)

  3. When editing an attribute of an object, <Meta><Tab> will move the cursor to the next visible attribute and <Shift><Tab> will move the cursor to the previous visible attribute.

  4. Add new X defaults, HalfToneBitmap and ThresholdBitmap. When HalfToneBitmap (or ThresholdBitmap) is set to ``true'', the Floyd-Steinberg half-tone method adapted from pbmplus (or a simple thresholding method) is used to turn bits on or off when printing in X11 bitmap format. These are useful when the drawing contains X11 pixmap objects. Another new X default, BitmapThreshold should be used in conjection with the above two X defaults. It's interpreted differently depending on which method is specified.

  5. Fix bugs in handling long strings. Thanks to Neal Holtz <> for fixing the bugs.

  6. Fix a minor bug in popping from a symbol file where the original font size was not restored.

  7. If a private colormap is used, executing FlushUndoBuffer() will try to reset the colormap. This will not work if the -DDONT_FREE_COLORMAP compile option is used.

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