Version 2.12 Patchlevel 6 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add retainable comments to tgif files. If you add lines that start with "%%" (two percent signs) in a .obj file, after you edit and save the file, those lines will be retained (put near the top of the file). If the file is imported, comments of this type are dropped. If saving into a new file, whether comments of this type are dropped is determined by the SaveCommentsInSaveNew X default. Thanks to David Bright <bright@SCTC.COM> for his contribution.

  2. Fix a bug in proportional stretching when stretching starts in the right middle handle.

  3. Fix a bug in reading files with invalid linewidths. Used to seg fault.

  4. Support a new compile option -DTHIN_OVAL_AND_ARC. This is mainly used to get around a SUN3 server bug where drawing arcs having width > 0 is VERY slow. If this option is used, when the width of an arc is <= 1, 0 width arcs are used.
  5. Update tgif.Xdefaults to use ! instead of # for comments.

  6. Fix a color allocation bug.

  7. This item is just a note. Currently, when an EPS file is imported, the EPS file is scaled down. In order to get the original scale, use the PreciseScale() command under the EditMenu (or type <Meta><RightParanthesis>) and give a scaling factor of 1.778 if English grid system is used, or 1.764 if Metric grid system is used. Tgif uses 128 pixels per inch in English grid system and 127 pixels per inch in Metric grid system, and PostScript is 72 points per inch. 128/72=1.778 and 127/72=1.764.

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