Version 2.12 Patchlevel 15 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a fatal bug in generating PS files (not EPS). The first line was missing if Tgif*UsePsAdobeString is not set to either true nor false. Thanks to Tyson Tuttle <> for pointing out the bug.

  2. Add the ability to launch an application from tgif (similar to MS-Windows' Program Manager) using the same mechanism as ``traveling'' among .obj files. A couple of examples are provided (launch-demo.obj and launch-demo-1.obj). Please see the LAUNCH APPLICATION section of the man pages for details.

  3. Add -cwo command line option (same as setting Tgif*CanvasWindowOnly to true).

  4. Use a home-grown "colorimage" operator if the color PostScript interpretor does not have it defined. Now a color PostScript printer which only supports level 1 PostScript should be able to print the color PS files.

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