Version 2.12 Patchlevel 13 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix bugs related to the tgif -print feature. The problem was that popen() calls sh(1) and that quotes are stripped by sh(1). Thanks to Yoichiro Ueno <> for the code fixes.

  2. The TextSize and TextStyle menus were reversed.

  3. Generate integer bounding box in PostScript output files. This is to conform to the PostScript standard.

  4. Augment the UsePsAdobeString X default such that specific %!PS-Adobe string can be specified. In addition to ``true'' and ``false'', UsePsAdobeString can also be specified with <Adobe_Version>/<EPSF_Version>. The command line option "-adobe=<Adobe_Version>/<EPSF_Version>" is also added.

  5. Add a new X default, ForceClearAfterEPS. When it is set to ``true'', the PostScript stack is cleared after printing an EPS object. This action was always taken in patchlevel 12 of version 2.12. However, recently I found that the PostScript Language Reference Manual strongly discourages doing so. Therefore, use this only if you REALLY want to generate the illegal "clear" command to get around some buggy EPS documents (such as the one generated by xgrabsc).

  6. Add the -DHP_LINE_BUG compile option to get around some buggy HP servers.

  7. Remove unrecognized commands in the man pages.

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