Version 2.12 Patchlevel 12 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug that causes PostScript stack overflow. This could occur when printing files (black/white or color) containing xpm objects.

  2. Clears the PostScript stack when printing drawings with EPS objects so that certain buggy EPS files (such as the ones generate by xgrabsc) work.

  3. Tgif used to allocate black and white colors for internal use. These colors are freed during initialization to allow the possibility of displaying pixmap of 256 colors. (Please define DONTFREECOLORS in the DEFINES compile options to disable calls to free colors on buggy X servers.)

  4. Merge prtgif into tgif to save space. Tgif will now take all the command line options that prtgif used to take; in addition, the -print option turns tgif into prtgif. Thanks to Germano Caronni <> for the suggestion.

  5. Fix a malloc bug in spline.c, poly.c, and polygon.c. Again, thanks to Germano Caronni <> for the bug fix.

  6. Fix a couple of bugs relating to VMS and that sometimes objects are not drawn when tgif comes up. Thanks to Mats Bergstr"om <> for the code fixes. Also included in this distribution is another example of a VMS makefile, VMS_MAKE_TGIF.COM, contributed by Mats Bergstr"om.

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